Friday, 6 June 2014

Hello people,
Any of you noticed that right now, astrologically speaking, is a really really slow time/ period?
Just think about it, Jupiter is spending his last month in cancer. Mars is finishing his time in Libra after being retrograde (the guy is in detriment since december 2013), and mercury goes retrograde from today till early july.
Even that troublemaking grand cross is soon to evaporate (due to the latter of course).
Funny thing is, that in major events this month neptune goes retrograde early next week - so you can add to the general sleepy/ escapist mood.
For me at least, I see it all around, with friends and family who either wait for something to happen or just being in a lousy/ tiresome periods in thier lives.
July has *plenty of cardinal for all* but we have like 30 or more days beforehand. the two big things are mars entering scorpio and jupiter's ingress into leo. Even saturn finishes retrograde and starts moving fast towards sagittarius.
All that happens in the week of the 20st, so good luck everybody!

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