Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Stormy astro weather for the first week of march

Basically it's four planets changing direction + new moon + a couple of sign changes.
We have the two malefics who turn retrograde and the two knowledge planets (mercury & jupiter) who turn direct.
In sign changes venus (finally) enters Aquarius and three asteroids change their sign.
The new moon on march 1'st is interesting too, it places itself between neptune and chiron + it's in an exact trine to jupiter. sounds like march will be propitious or the quiet before the storm of april (exact grand cross + new moon conjunct uranus).
From the asteroids side we have juno and vesta who enter the Aries - Libra polarity on march 3'd and pallas who enters Leo a few days later.
Such concoction in one week I had not seen before!

The two malefics who turn retro plus the big benefic who goes direct and mercury not longer retrograde are good signs. The pisces new moon on neptune-chiron trine jupiter are good signs as well.
Maybe the influence will be shown in stock market optimism (for now...) and a temporary agreement or peace talks in conflicted zones (like the Ukraine). Also with all the water and neptune, frauds & changing plans on the international level may come to prominence (Moreon NSA - Snowden case?).
April is when the real storm should come. Ideally.

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